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Asory's New Collection Supports Children with Down Syndrome

Their new collection of patchwork scarves and foulards are equally beautiful and altruistic.

assory ideas factories maison saedi egypt

Innovative Egyptian fashion brand Asory - headed up by designer Rana Yousry - have released an eccentric and heartwarming new collection of chiffon scarves and foulards.

Working with Maison Saedi's founder and creative director Ahmed Saedi, fashion production solution platform Ideas Factories, and illustrator and author Danny Arafa who digitized the designs for production, Asory collaborated with children with Down syndrome to help bring the kids' designs to life within this unconventional collection.

Each piece has a dazzling mishmash of patterns, colours and drawings, including a satirical nod to Egypt’s COVID-19 crisis with 555 perfumes illustrated on one scarf. All profits will go directly towards supporting the differently-abled involved in the project, as well as those working the production line of the fashion industry.

“Both Maison Saedi and I had a vision of having a much larger societal role as a fashion industry," Yousry told CairoScene. "I wanted to target those with Down syndrome because their weak immune system puts them especially at risk during this time. We wanted to create a product that people could use even after this pandemic, but that was still relevant to the cause. So we decided to let designers with Down syndrome draw up the sketches and we took it from there.”

"My haute couture line is now at a complete halt because of the pandemic, but designers like myself aren’t the ones hit hardest by the crisis," Saeidi shared with CairoScene. "I wanted to go back to the idea I had four years ago to help support daily workers in the fashion industry who are currently suffering most, so we decided to merge both of our causes to bring this campaign into creation.”

Head to Asory's Instagram page to make your order and help support these causes.





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