Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Styled Archives: Mohamed Mounir’s Most Memorable Moments

From the ‘shababeek’ of his soul, Mounir embraces boho threads with almost as much passion as ‘fi 3esh2 el banat’.

Mai El Mokadem

Styled Archives: Mohamed Mounir’s Most Memorable Moments

Hailing from Aswan, Egypt, Mohamed Mounir may be known for being the first to fuse Nubian melodies with jazz, or for his springy curls that impeccably match his olive-skinned 'samar', but at Scene Styled, we come to know him as the man who effortlessly styles bohemian shirts with printed scarves and lightweight linen. While his music pulsates with energy, his wardrobe choices prioritise comfort, but that doesn’t diminish one ounce of his style. In this Styled Archives, we delve deeper into his hipster style and best moments, from his youth to his legendary stage moments.

2015 | Austria

Surrounded by a European crowd, Mounir was belting out his songs in Vienna, Austria, singing with passion and vigour, adorned in one of his signature scarves and dressed in orange.

2013 | Egypt

In tune with the soulful song, this outfit was curated with the softness and romance of the lyrics in mind. Dressed in all black, save for a pop of emerald shoes, the ensemble he wore for his ‘Sotek’ promo pic matches the rural and rustic setting perfectly.

1997 | Syria & Lebanon

During his role alongside Laila Elwy in ‘Al Massir’ Mounir’s rugged good looks complemented and paid tribute to the 12th-century Andalusian attire prevalent within the film.

2000s | Egypt

If there is one thing Mounir will consistently symbolise, it is effortless stage presence, as seen during one of his performances in Cairo in the early 2000s.

1990s | Egypt

Speaking of poses (and unmatched stage presence), the Egyptian singer appears as cool as ever in a baby blue chemise and silver necklaces.

1990s | England

During one of his many European excursions, Mounir rocked a purple jacket with a tiny English flag peeking from its pocket and a black chain.

1990s | Egypt

Mounir undeniably cherishes his flannels, prioritising comfort and simplicity in his stage styling. This ensures his main focus remains on performing with ease and authenticity.

1981 | Egypt

Mounir walked so the curly haired movement could run. Spotted on the cover of ‘Shababeek’ is a Mounir that certainly celebrates natural curls.

1980s | Egypt

The singer completes the ensemble by adding a leather vest and a colourful neck scarf to an outfit consisting of electric blue pants and green-and-blue shirt.