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Wegz Speeds Up the Charts with Latest Track ‘3afareet El Asphalt’

The Egyptian rapper is back for a fifth release in 2021, and despite being far from his best, views have been racking up fast.

Wegz - seemingly forever mired in controversy and clashes with others in the altogether quite unique ecosystem that exists around rap in Egypt, there’s an argument to be made that said controversies and clashes have overshadowed the music that he’s released this year. Conversations about who produced what and Instagram Stories filled with not-so-subtle references seem to have taken precedence in the world of a rapper who can rightly be credited as one of the biggest names in the business - a man whose stock has far-exceeded the confines of the genre and broken through the mainstream.

WIth his latest release, ‘3afareet El Asphalt’, Wegz references what he sees as a parade of nonsense hovering around him in a track that sits in that kind-of ‘not-his-best but not-his-worst’ camp. Over the kind of sparser, lighter trap aesthetic that he seems to have developed a preferences for, Wez’s delivery, the way in which the words hits his words, the landing hack of each rhyme, is alive and well and at its sharpest, and the public has spoken, pushing the track to spot number four on YouTube’s Trending Charts within the first 12 hours of release.Ultimately it’s a track that is far from the best in Wegz’s arsenal, but one that manages to showcase his best qualities all the same, with lines like “You don’t listen to Wegz… then you don’t have internet” sure to be gleefully repeated to many a rap-along.