Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Shrimps Hut Is Nasr City's Gift to Shrimp Stans

Shrimps cones are now, like, a thing.

Scene Eats

Pizza stans had Pizza Hut, shrimp stans can now have Shrimps Hut. You heard that right. Nasr City just got extra fishy (in the best way possible) with the arrival of this new spot. 

Located on Hassan Mamoun Street, the restaurant makes everything shrimps and only that. You can have them in sandwiches, pastas, salads and, most importantly, cones!

Shrimps Hut has introduced the concept of shrimp cones and we have no choice but to stan tbh. Ice cream, anyone? We don’t know her.

The eatery offers delivery service via +2 0155 521 7555.