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Best Rap Releases of the Week 48

To keep you updated with the burgeoning MENA rap scene, we’ve assembled our favorite rap releases of the week from the region.

It’s been a relatively productive week for the rap community, as we were blessed with a flood of new releases from the likes of L5vav, Marwan Moussa, and more. We’ve gathered our favorite releases of this week, enjoy.

Marwan Moussa - Aloomek

Batistuta - Double Face

Felukah - Neighborhood

L5vav x Rashed - Alaga

Abdullah Trill x Ali Baba - Lambo

Slyver - We Wa

Jeed x Saüd - Switch

Taher Taher ft Afroto - 7AWELTETKHAYEL

Azwed - Elkorsy

Yonyo - Benna Maad