Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Anees ‘the Rapper’ is All Love in Latest Single ‘Sun and Moon’

Another bright and uplifting tune from the light-spirited Lebanese-Palestinian rapper.

Ahmed Khalaf

Good vibes only with the Palestinian-Lebanese rapper Anees, who constantly shows up with an uplifting aura that encapsulates the essence of positivity and warmth. His lyrics embody love, care, friendship, family, and positivity, all delivered joyfully in his unique style of singing and rapping interchangeably. Recently, Anees released his highly anticipated single ‘Sun and Moon’, which initially went viral after it was teased on TikTok. Released officially on April 6th, the song has amassed over a million streams across DSPs in less than a week.

The outgoing, constantly-smiling, and optimistic Anees takes this time to express his love and affection to his girl. He compares his woman to the “sun and moon”, an expression used by lovers globally from how beautiful and enchanting the sun and moon are; the way the sun lights up the day, and the way the moon stands out during the night with a gentle flare within the darkness. Sonically, Anees opts for a guitar-inspired RnB instrumental, his usual go-to for his singles, with a hefty bassline that lifts up the body of the beat.

Listen to the track via Anghami below.