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URTH's Tableware is Inspired by Fayoum Tradition and Sourced From the Earth Itself

URTH are looking to honour and preserve the Egyptian tradition of pottery through their stunning tableware collections.

Traditions arise from the Earth itself - and there are few circumstances where that line can be taken as literally as it can with pottery. After encountering the beauty of handmade traditional tableware in Fayoum, Rowan Torky decided to co-found URTH, which creates cups, mugs and plates, and will soon release new collections of serving trays, flower pots and kitchen accessories. All of URTH’s products are aesthetically inspired by nature - which you can tell by their names, like their current ‘Ocean’ collection as well as their upcoming ‘Summer Night Sky’ and ‘Shells’ collections.

"We chose to seek inspiration from elements of the Earth, because – after all – pottery comes from the Earth, and we really wanted to reflect that feeling through our pieces,” Torky – who partnered with Jimmy Brassily and Yara Hossam to start the brand – told CairoScene.

If you buy from URTH, know that not every piece is identical, and it’s supposed to be that way. The brand take pride in the fact that each piece is unique - an intentional by-product of their craftwork.

“Through the process of making the tableware, sometimes the chemical reaction in the colouring stage results in their colours being slightly different. But that’s not a mistake,” Torky said. “Each piece has a look of its own, and we want it to look that way.”

URTH doesn't just owe its beginnings to local Egyptian craftsmen. They support and sell tableware that's made by local craftsmen who put passion and finesse into their work, something that’s hard to find in mass-produced pottery. And it doesn't stop there; URTH spreads these local craftmen's messages through their Instagram page, where they vie to raise awareness on the soul, the craft and the care behind the traditional pottery in Egypt.

To place your order, contact URTH via DM on Instagram.

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