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Knana Celebrates Egyptian History Through Tasteful Homeware Designs

Three-week old brand Knana embeds our national history into everyday home products.


“We grew up in a family that loves Egypt and our history, and when we started we knew we wanted that to be the heart of our company before even deciding to do homeware products.” 

That’s what Salma El Ashkar told us when we asked about Knana, the brand that was started by her and her sister Malak - and whose homeware pieces caught our eye with their authentic tribute  to Egyptian design. ‘Knana’ is an ancient word used to describe Egypt as the land of fertility - as a brand name, it serves as an ode to the sisters’ deep roots with the lifeline of the country.

Malak is the designer behind the tasteful collections, which currently consist of three tableware sets: Goran, Afnan and Afandina, all of which represent different historical periods in Egyptian history.

“It took us two years to find a manufacturer that would agree to make small quantities for us, so this project has been a long time coming and we’ve just now been able to launch,” El Ashkar said. In the near future, they’re planning to release other homeware items apart from tableware, such as bedsheets and mirrors. For now, their three tableware sets and mugs are available for online orders through their page.

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