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Earth Gallery’s New Line of Nostalgic Beach Towels Are the Highlight of Our Summer

Maadi’s Earth Gallery has released a new line of beach towels that ooze nostalgia.

earth gallery

Now that the summer season is officially back online, we’re all scrambling for last minute beach essentials like swimsuits, tanning oils, and towels. And through the chaotic cartoon dust cloud of fists and censored swears, we came across some of the most Egyptian beach towels we’ve ever seen. And we don't say that lightly— these towels ooze Egyptian. Metro tickets, Om Kalthoum, and Rivo designs are just some of the ridiculously nostalgic collection released by Maadi’s Earth Gallery.

The collection was designed by Mohamed Aref and Huda Ismail, both of whom are founders of the design studio/art school/art gallery. “We wanted to incorporate a sense of local nostalgia in the designs, because Egyptian identity is really core to all our pieces at the studio,” Aref told CairoScene.

After whipping up the designs, the two artists sourced the highest grade cotton towels they could find before sending them off to have the designs printed on top as soon as they found out that COVID-19 restrictions were lifting. “We started working on the designs during quarantine because all our projects were on hold, but we didn’t know what product those designs would necessarily be used for," Ismail told CairoScene. "We wanted to create something positive, colourful, and nostalgic so that whatever we decided to do with them, it would create an air of positivity for customers after quarantine.”

Earth Gallery is now preparing to release new products with the same designs, including coasters, tote bags, and pouches. Their showroom is now open in Degla Maadi but they’re also sending out online order deliveries.

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