Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Hindamme Manifests Saudi into Silk Postcards & Pop, Futuristic Designs

Saudi designer Mohammed Khoja reveals how he weaved QR codes of beautiful regional artworks and AI-generated poetry into his Season VI collection.

Mai El Mokadem

Hindamme Manifests Saudi into Silk Postcards & Pop, Futuristic Designs

Saudi Arabia's landscapes explode onto silk, not on canvas, but on wearable art. The Kingdom’s tourism boom ignited a creative fire in Mohammed Khoja, the founder of Hindamme. Inspired by the country, he created the Season VI collection, capturing the essence of each of the five main regions in Saudi Arabia onto silk shirts and futuristic designs; ones that inevitably wove together functional works of art dedicated to his homeland.

“I’m very drawn to the idea of creating pieces for the future and enjoy continuously using new technologies and techniques to propose fresh ideas in fashion,” Khoja begins, explaining his reasoning for collaborating with NUQTAH, Saudi Arabia's first tech company, to weave a QR code label into the pieces, as well as AI-generated poetry. “I saw so many of my friends and younger family members starting to use AI or spending more time in the digital space. I thought to myself, how can I bring the digital space into the physical realm and create something tangible?”

The designer added QR codes to the 'City Shirts', creating an immersive experience for each of the regions, which include Riyadh, Aseer, AlUla, Jeddah, and the Eastern Province. Each buttoned silk twill shirt contains a QR code label under the neck, showcasing editioned and commissioned artwork of the respective region. "To create the designs for each shirt, I began by curating a collage of my favourite landmarks from each region, then drew the compositions. These visual inspirations were then passed on to a graphic artist who translated my compositions into vibrant paintings, bringing the shirts to life," he explains the process. "The idea is also to create these great mementos from each region, which I feel are missing in the fashion landscape today."

Captured by Amman-based photographer and storyteller Zaid Allozi, the visuals accompanying the collection feature handwritten excerpts of poetry by Saudi contemporary artist Rashed Al Shaishai. Not the first collaboration with Allozi, Khoja speaks of the great synergy between them, as well as Al Shaishai. These poetic expressions, generated through the use of artificial intelligence, reflect themes of travel and escapism, with the imagery and verse working in harmony to evoke a sense of wanderlust. “Al ShaiShai and I discussed the theme of the collection and my collaboration with NUQTAH, and he proposed that he could use AI to curate poetry, which I loved the idea of. It’s a reflection of the times and shows us how we are able to enhance some of our work through technology.”

Upon seeing the collection, you will find blue, blue, and then some more blue. The designer also incorporates silver, lavender, black, and white, creating a colour palette on the cooler end of the spectrum. “The colour palette for Season VI is my personal favourite and very signature of my brand as well. Malibu blue, for example, is a colour that I have always wanted to use.” Malibu blue, a vibrant take on classic blue, exudes warmth but also feels distinctly modern, which resonated with Khoja.

A fusion of sleek and industrial materials defines the collection. Think second-skin garments with embossed metallic silver, boxy tees for a clean silhouette, and ribbed tanks accented with metal plaques. Functional nylon bowling shirts join utilitarian travel vests, while pleated pants and double-breasted blazers offer a tailored edge. For women, the collection takes a glamorous turn. Show-stopping pieces crafted from shimmering 3MM crystal take centre stage, including a cowl neck maxi dress, a mini skirt, and a statement choker. “I personally love the idea of playing with materiality in my work, and crystals have always been a part of the Hindamme language in design,” Khoja reveals. “I wanted to convey it by using crystals not only as a detail or just an element, but as the entire fabric. I sourced 3MM crystal material because it's also very reminiscent of the Y2K space age era, which fits as an aesthetic theme within the collection.”

Khoja envisioned this collection as a fashion Lego set - yes, you heard that right. Each piece is colour-coordinated and designed to seamlessly mix and match with other pieces in the collection, creating endless outfit possibilities. “This collection builds upon the same exploration of future fashion. A core concept was to create a sense of uniformity through the colour palette. This notion sparked the 'building block' idea - a series of garments grouped within four colour families.” Thus, Khoja ensures that any piece can be effortlessly matched with any other piece. “It makes wearing SEASON VI very fun and approachable.”