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‘Carnaval 2020’ is the Card Game Putting Your Knowledge of Egyptian Pop Culture to the Ultimate Test

This card game tests your knowledge of Egyptian films, proverbs, skins and more.

carnaval egypt

Non-stop digital consumption was a dream until it became a living nightmare, and honestly we're starving for human interaction. We have family in the house, but what do we DO with them? How did people socialize before the wild age of the interwebs? Picking up an interest in the ancient art of the cards, we recently learned about ‘Carnaval 2020’, the new Arabic card game that truly puts your Egyptian pop culture trivia to the test.

The game – illustrated by graphic designer Farah Elwa -  consists of four decks of cards. You got your ‘Afashat Aflam'  deck which tests your knowledge of Egyptian movie references, from old school movies up to recent blockbusters. Another deck is ‘abasathalak’ which is similar to charades in that it has you guessing characters, films and even Egyptian proverbs. You also got the 'Kalam Kebeer' deck which consists of conversation points to serve as an icebreaker, and finally you got ‘Mo2asassa’, a localized version of 'Spy' which uses Egyptian spots such as the ‘Segel El Madany’ as options for locations.

“We wanted to create this game to use Egyptian pop culture in a way that’s fun and engaging for the entire family, and at the same time pull us away from being distracted by phones,” Hana Mansour, creative content creator of ‘ Carnaval 2020’, told CairoScene. “Egyptians have the best sense of humour, and we wanted to celebrate that."

To get your hands on this game, DM them on Instagram.




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