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Profits from KAI's On-Trend Summer Collection Will Go Towards Fight Against Covid-19

KAI has teamed up with the Egyptian Cure Bank to donate 15% of their profits in May to purchase medical respirators to be used for critical conditions of Coronavirus.

kai swimwear egypt swim collection

With internal flights officially opening up before Eid it means we can start thinking about the important things in life like what this season’s ‘in color’ is, and making sure our swimwear matches our espadrilles and that we look trendy enough to avoid stares from people 1.5 meters away on the beach.

Whether your sea-side lust has gotten the better of you during lockdown or you’re more than happy away from the crowds sitting in an inflatable pool in the balcony all summer, KAI have a new collection of summer shirts and men’s swim shorts designed to make you look damn good and perfectly accompany that summer bod you’ve been (kinda) working on during quarantine.

The swim shorts come in a huge variety of Vilebrequin-esque colors and vogueish patterns from blue camels and abstract jungles to Coke bottles and European postcards. To complete the ensemble they’ve also released a series of matching ‘Aloha’ shirts for a perfect summer fit. 

Meanwhile in an initiative to fight against Covid19, KAI has partnered up with the Egyptian Cure Bank to donate 15% of their profits in May towards purchasing new life saving medical respirators to be used for critical conditions.


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