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Fashion Brand 'Nob" Releases Timely Collection of Tees Reflective Of Our Times

The t-shirt collection encapsulates the range of emotions everybody's feeling during isolation.

nob designs egypt

Are you tired of playing scrabble with yourself? Do you feel like you're trapped inside a cage of your own emotions? Are you appalled by the way some people have reacted to the pandemic? Well, thanks to NOB Designs, there is now a t-shirt for that.

Always looking to play about with social trends in his designs, NOB creator Ahmed Nabil has released a series of basic black t-shirts featuring quirky one word slogans such as Zah2an (bored), Ma7bous (Imprisoned) and Arfan (Disgusted / Annoyed / Over It - it’s hard to directly translate - why don’t you give it a go in the comments?).

"I just don’t think it’s easy or necessary for everyone to be extremely positive and all about rainbows, sunshine, workouts and yoga videos,” Nabil told #CairoScene. “For most people, it  just adds pressure in the middle of a pandemic. So these tees represent how I’ve been feeling throughout this quarantine period.”

They're available through their Instagram page now and perfect to show off around the house whilst going through all aforementioned emotions.



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