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‘Beit El Sura’ Features Local and Global Filmmaking and Photography Experts in Masterclass Series

The roster of filmmaking and photography experts include the likes of former head of the photo department at National Geographic and Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Michael Robinson Chavez.

magdalen herrera

OK so maybe not all of us are self-improvement divas while we're locked up in quarantine. It's hard - like, Netflix is RIGHT there. But Beit El Sura – a photography and film school launched in 2006 - are making it pretty damn hard to procrastinate on bettering ourselves with their roster of live masterclasses and exclusive talks. Beit El Sura’s live sessions feature some of the world’s biggest names in photography and filmmaking, including former head of the photography department at NatGeo, Magdalena Herrera, in her first ever Instagram Live appearance.

“We wanted to really take advantage of our time spent in quarantine by giving people the opportunity to learn from top local and international filmmakers and photographers, in a moment where we’re all going through the same thing,” Beit El Sura co-founder Ahmed Hayman told CairoScene. “Now more than ever, social media has brought us closer together and we wanted to use the opportunity to allow some of the best minds in the field to share their expertise.”

Through these classes, photographers and filmmakers share the ups and downs in their journey, while providing viewers with tips on how to make it in their careers. Included in their incredible line-up are the likes of photographer Landon Nordeman, who worked with The New York Times and Vanity Fair, and Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Michael Robinson Chavez. And when it comes to amazing local talent, renowned Egyptian filmmaker Amr Salama and Film Editor Ahmed Hafez will participate as well.

Stay tuned on their social media on updates for when you can watch these live sessions; the exclusive talks take place on Instagram, while the masterclasses are hosted live on YouTube. And don’t stress about missing any of it. All of the sessions are uploaded onto Beit El Sura's official YouTube channel.


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