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Put Down That Basboosa Because Paradise Has Released a New Mistika & Pistachio Flavour

Paradise's latest creations comes at the prefect time: Ramadan.

Put Down that Vanilla Ice Cream Because Paradise Has Released a New Mistika & Pistachio Flavour

Yes, you read that correctly, boys and girls. The already eclectic pantheon of Paradise Ice Cream flavours is getting a new addition and it’s one that has come right in time for the sweet festivities of Ramadan.

Now available in stores, the new Mistika & Pistachio flavour uses two taste profiles that, when combined together, can match-up to any flavour. Mistika ice cream is, of course, an Egyptian classic and the ingredient is a staple of Egyptian kitchens, used in everything from Turkish coffee, to hearty soups. It makes for a perfect foil to the much more subtle but aromatic flavour of pistachio, itself a common feature of Egyptian desserts and sweets.

The new release comes part of a special campaign, #ParadiseAtHome, which encourages Egyptians to stay at home and enjoy Paradise with their families, while giving them something to stay at home for - and what better than food to bring people together? It’s a sense of wholesomeness, familiarity and nostalgia that Paradise is trying to channel in its latest creation, with the country a little short on the usual Ramadan spirit thanks to a certain virus that has put the country on lockdown. We don't know about you, but there are few things that can set the mood right than ice cream...

Now excuse us while we go and try it with some basbousa. Or some konafa. Or atayef. The options are endless…

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