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Luxor's Karnak Temple Just Got Its Own Restaurant

Food with a side of history? Don't mind us if we do.

Named after the oldest city in ancient Egypt, Abydos Oasis invites tourists and passersby for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat with a full view of ancient relics.

Nestled between the Pylons, Obelisks, and Temples of Karnak, the restaurant just opened up its doors to the public, and we're obsessed. There, you can grab lunch, read a book, or go home with one-too-many souvenirs… because no amount is ever enough!

One thing that the restaurant capitalises on is the direct view of Karnak Temple, as well as the beautiful Sacred Lake, which surely both give you somewhere to keep your eyes busy when you’re not eyeing your date.

If you’re thinking of planning a visit to Luxor, this restaurant is a definite must-try.