Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Historic King Fouad Train Station Restored as Post Office Building

After decades of neglect, the once ‘royal station’ was brought back to life to serve the residents of Kafr El Sheikh.

Karim Abdullatif

Historic King Fouad Train Station Restored as Post Office Building

Commonly known as the ‘royal station’, King Fouad Train Station in Kafr El Sheikh, a city north of Cairo in the Nile Delta, has been restored as a post office building, becoming the latest in a number of historic sites around Egypt to be brought back to life. 

Looking at the station’s restored features, it’s difficult to fathom that for decades it was left in ruin, to be used as a carpet hanger or a den for drug addicts. But a seven-month renovation project that began in May 2023 returned it to its former glory.

Kafr El Sheikh was frequented by King Fouad and the royal family. In 1934, King Fouad ordered the establishment of a station for the royal train footsteps away from his palace, where he would stay and receive guests of the royal family. The station later witnessed his reception whenever he visited Kafr El Sheikh.

King Fouad Train Station was reopened under the attendance of the Ministers of Transport and Communications and Information Technology, and the Governor of Kafr El Sheikh, after being converted into a functional post office that provides governmental, digital, financial and postal services.

This restoration is part of a cooperation plan between the two aforementioned ministries to reclaim 13 sites that are currently held by the Egyptian National Railway Authority to provide postal services. This includes train stations in Giza, Banha, Damanhour, Sidi Bishr, Al Hamoul, Suez, Assiut, Beni Seuf, Sohag, Luxor and Edfu. Like the Maghagha Post Office building in Minya, King Fouad Train Station was restored with technological advancements that will help shape Egypt’s society while remaining rooted in its past and context.

The greater plan for the station includes establishing commercial stores, administrative buildings, clinics and pharmacies nearby with the same architectural style to serve the residents of Kafr El Sheikh.

Photography Credit: Essam Arafa