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Turn That Frown Upside Down with Sensodyne’s Star-Studded Song with Ahmed El Rouby

Turn it upside down and then use it to sing along with Ahemd El Ruby's jolly new song and video.

Turn That Frown Upside Down with Sensodyne’s Star-Studded Song with Ahmed El Rouby

As we sit on the verge of another potential month locked up at home, one can’t help but sigh in despair and wonder when on earth it will be safe again to frolic freely without the sensitivities we have to be so wary of. It’s a question without an answer at this point and there are only so many online activities that we can engage in without pining for the real thing.

If we're talking about sensitive moments, who better than Sensodyne - and expert at dealing with sensitive issues - to help raise spirits and encourage Egyptians to live a life free of sensitivity. The brand has teamed up with singer-songwriter, Ahmed El Ruby, for a distinctly upbeat and jolly song and video that features more familiar faces, including the likes of Injy El Mokaddem, Coucla Refaat, Mazen Yassin and Alaa El Sheikh. The message? Well, like so many sensitive teeth, this sensitive spot we find ourselves in will also pass and all we can do is try and live a life free of sensitivity.

The video starts off with a scenario that’s become all too familiar, as El Ruby calls up El Mokkadem and, noting that she seems a bit down, breaks into song – as you do. It’s a simple, feel-good video that comes at fitting time to help lift spirits, with the coronavirus lockdown essentially stealing our Eid holiday. Ultimately, Sensodyne is inviting people to rise above these sensitive moments and instead take a moment for themselves, relax and appreciate this time for the positives that they have offered.

The video reminds us to look at the bright side, as hard as that may seem at times; many of us have found time to pursue new ventures, whatever they may be, and received a rare gift called 'time'. It also reminds us that, at the end of the day, we have all we need – our families and, for the lucky, or health. This sensitive moment shall pass - we just need to hang on in there.

Check out the video here