Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Go On a Virtual Hike Up Mount Elbrus with Omar Samra

Omar Samra and Wild Guanabana are organising a virtual hike, this time to the top of Europe at the summit of Mount Elbrus!

Staff Writer

Some of you might have already toughed your staircases or treadmills to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (or rather the equivalent in distance, which - spoiler alert - is a lot) the last time Wild Guanabana invited you to their #StairwaytotheSummit challenge. Some of you might not, but wish you had. After all, why should being stuck in quarantine stop you from pursuing the heights of adventure?

Whether you're up for another challenge or looking to get started, you're in luck. Omar Samra and Wild Guanabana are organizing another virtual hike, this time to the top of Europe at the summit of Mount Elbrus! If you're not familiar with how this works, here are the three steps to participate:

First, head to the link in Wild Guanabana's Instagram bio to register.

Then, nominate three of your friends to join the challenge by using the template in their InstaStory highlights.

Finally, post your progress every day on Instagram posts and stories and tag Wild Guanabana (and if your account is private, send them your documentation of your progress through DM).

Wild Guanabana will be with your every step of the way with an itinerary to simulate an actual hike as closely as possible, giving you a tour of Mount Elbus as you brave your own staircase, or treadmill, or whatever you've got in your house that you're willing to trudge over for a few thousand miles. The virtual hike will go from May 28th to June 2nd, and everyone who completes the challenge will get a USD 200 voucher to Wild Guanabana's next scheduled trip to the IRL Mount Elbrus - and if your content is particularly creative, you'll be able to earn a USD 400 voucher instead.