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This Local App Delivers Anything You Need to Your Home

Mongez, the delivery app, saves you time and energy by delivering any products to your home, ranging from groceries, gifts, to miscellaneous midnight snacks.


With many of us getting much more serious about social distancing and being wary of the anticipated pre-curfew panic shopping hustle, people have turned to online shopping alternatives. But what about the places that don't deliver? Mongez, a local delivery app, has got you covered: their riders can pick up your groceries, mobile phone credit or pretty much anything you need from any store, and deliver them straight to your doorstep.

The process is simple: you download the app, input your shopping list via text or a detailed voice note (comes in handy for picky shoppers), or by uploading photos of the product. Then you put in an estimation of how much your order will cost, before simply waiting for your order to be delivered. In case there are updates on the unavailability of a product, the rider will keep in touch so you can choose to replace it or cancel the order altogether.

To start ordering, you can download Mongez from the App Store or Google Play.

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