Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Omar Samra is Setting Up a Post-Corona Exhibition to Peru with Wild Guanabana

Founder Omar Samra and Coach Malak El Ayouty from BeFit 360 will put everyone who signs up for this expedition through a weekly online training programme.

Staff Writer

It's been a rough year for adventurers. Virtual hikes are great and all, and we're sure that running up and down the stairs is great for our calves. But someday this COVID-19 crisis will be over, and we will want to hit the ground running - or hiking, as it were. In anticipation for that long-awaited day, Wild Guanabana are setting up an exciting hike up the high Andes mountains in Peru with their FU2020 Expedition!

"Our perspective as a business is, we don't want to just sit there and wait for the pandemic to blow over," Omar Samra told CairoScene. "A lot of people are out there dreaming of their next trip to be out there with nature and in the mountains. We were stuck in the beginning wondering when this pandemic will be finished, then we realized that nobody knows, so we will announce a comeback trip and give people something to be a part of until then."

And this time they're doing things differently - while waiting for conditions to improve, founder Omar Samra and Coach Malak El Ayouty  from BeFit 360 will put everyone who signs up for this expedition through a weekly online training programme and give them access to regular Zoom check-ins to talk, share tips and keep track of your progress.

"In time we will have a core group of people who are excited together and prepared together," Samra added. "And a community where we're close together so we can all take on this expedition. And this specific area in Peru is hands-down one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We chose a place that's really remote and out of this world. This will be a real adventure."

To join the #FU2020Expedition, head to the link in @wildguanabana's Instagram Bio and simply follow the steps. Registration closes once the capacity of the first wave is reached.