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Giza's Sphinx International Airport is Getting a New Terminal

And it's twice as big as the existing one.

Sphinx Airport

Giza’s newest airport is already underway to get a brand new terminal. Another passenger terminal is being built in an effort to expand the Sphinx International Airport as Egypt’s tourism industry continues to revive. Yeah. That escalated quickly.

The project is a part of a bigger Egypt’s Vision 2030 campaign, which looks to heighten economic and tourism development all across the country. The new terminal is anticipated to house 600 passengers an hour, increasing the capacity of the whole airport from 300 passengers an hour to around 1,000 (1.2 million annually). Which means that if we've got our quick maths right (and we do), the new terminal will be able to hold well over twice the amount of the existing one. The Civil Aviation Ministry really said "supersize me" on this one.