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Cupcakes Better Sit Down, be Humble - The Financier's Bringing About a New Age of Pastry

Tortina are serving it up real sweet and lux with their new Financiers which are, for sure, giving cupcakes a run for their money.

tortina egypt

Tortina are making it clear that cupcakes are so 2009, and with the new decade it's time to make room for a fresh dessert to sit on the throne: the Financier. No, we not about to start talking stocks and bonds right now, but we are talking about riches, and rich is exactly how we'd describe these mouthwatering pastries.

Perfectly in tune with its luxurious nature, it's commonly believed that this almond cake is called "Financier" because it resembles a block of gold.

In many ways, the Financier is clearly superior to cupcakes. Imagine if you could only eat the top of the cupcakes and not worry about that sad stem that's left behind. Now you're feeling us. The Financier's filling is infused with frosting during the baking process, guaranteeing you an indulgent experience with every bite.

The Financier won't go too hard on your belt-line as it's lower in fats than many other baking products, on account of how it only uses egg whites in the baking process. And any health kween worth her salt would know that egg yolks are cancelled.

If you're picky with your dessert flavours, don't fret because the Financiers are available in chocolate, lemon, orange, nutella, raspberry - we're not done yet - vanilla, pineapple and apple. Step aside cupcakes, Financiers are here.


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