Monday July 15th, 2024
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The SceneEats 2024 Kahk Guide

Explore the full kahk spectrum with the country’s top powdering bakeries.

Layla Raik

The SceneEats 2024 Kahk Guide

After a full (or not-so-full) month of fasting come certain traditions that would simply be blasphemous to change, not that we’d want to anyway. From drinking right after you hear the Fajr adhan before Eid prayer, to forced morning showers on about 40 minutes of sleep and extravagant acting stunts that paint you out as innocent and non-Eidiya-expectant on the fated morning - there are things we cannot let go of. Most important of the necessities, though, are customary races through seven kahks in order to get to the one with the walnuts with your cousins.

One of the oldest Egyptian desserts (we have history), it’s no surprise we don’t joke around with kahk. Here are the best bakeries for your little balls of powdery goodness - coloured, nut-stuffed or otherwise.


Delivers all over Egypt

After a stunning mille-feuille konafa appearance this Ramadan, Breadfast is keeping the delish streak going with picturesque kahk boxes even cats abandon their cool for.

El Abd

Branches all over Egypt

It’s basic maths. Kahk = El Abd. Easy, effortless and dependable.


Branches all over Cairo

All events postponed post-Eid, Tseppas’ Kahk is the one thing we can’t postpone.

Mr. Baker

Branches all over Egypt

Give your grandparents a worthy scare with, brace yourselves, green kahk! Mr. Baker takes pistachio to a whole other level.

85 Bakery & Co

Delivers all over Cairo

An ode to petit fours and powdered kahks, 85 Bakery & Co’s delicate desserts are as dainty as the daintelle top that nearly gave your grandmother a heart attack.

Cookie Man

Branches all over Egypt

Some classics never fail. Cookie Man’s kahk is one we’ve been counting on for years and one we’ll likely pass on to our kids.

Angelina Kyria

Branches all over Alexandria

Pistachio ghorayeba anyone? Angelina doesn't have the entirety of Alexandria in a chokehold for no reason.


Branches all over Egypt

Egypt’s designated bakery shop is overtaking every nook and cranny of the country with delish kahks that await the embrace of creamy milk teas. This year, the bakery is also serving traditional Palestinian kahk with 10% of all proceeds being donated to non-governmental organisation Al Joud.


Branches all over Cairo

As though looking into the (ever-repeating) future, Tortina crafts smaller kahk boxes that allow mixing, matching and less walnut-hazelnut feuds.


Mohandessin, Cairo

Graceful as always, Panache crafts kahk sprinkled in crunchy pistachio and dreamy hazelnut. 

Choco Chocola

Branches all over Cairo

Half the kahk experience is in its presentation, which is exactly why Choco Chocola arrange their kahks in swirls in Tarboush-resemblant Arabian boxes that one pseudo-influencer cousin would swoon over.

Salé Sucré

Branches all over Egypt

Last year, Salé Sucré took its years of experience in the field of kahk to London. If the diasporic kids get to have it, well, so do you.

Bites by Amal Soultan

Delivers all over Alexandria

Specialising in all things tiny and biteable, Bites’ kahk is dangerously cute (we’re talking serious risk of sugar coma).

Granville St.

Delivers all over Cairo

Health gurus, you don’t have to miss out on the traditional cookie fun this year. Granville St. bakes lighter kahks out of premium ingredients - filled with Belgian dark chocolate or walnuts to taste.


Branches all over Cairo

Forget Eish El-Saraya, the real star at Saraya is their delish kahk, coming in longitudinal boxes you can stack in pyramids on the dining table post Eid breakfast.

El Forn

Branches all over Egypt

This is your classic, go-to kahk place if you want to budget and stay true to the Eid tradition of taking your grandmas’ freshly stacked trays of kahk to the forn down the street.


Delivers all over Cairo

For the fourth year in a row, Devour has been supplying us with colourful kahk we cannot help but inhale upon first glance.


Branches all over Cairo

El-lamma does not end on the 30th of Ramadan, Coppermelt crafts kahk and petit fours boxes the whole family - chosen or otherwise - can dig into.

Chocolate Factory

Heliopolis, Cairo

We’re accustomed to meeting kahks with a floating powdery finish that sprinkles a white hue onto our brand-new Eid fits, but Chocolate Factory’s pistachio cream, hazelnut praline and Lotus-covered delicacies are about to change that for life.

House of Cocoa

Branches all over Egypt

As a self-proclaimed home for the world’s favourite bean, House of Cocoa simply had to spin a chocolate-y twist on your traditional kahks - one we cannot resist.

Mandarine Koueidar

Branches all over Egypt

Both its historic and newly-installed branches can stand testament to their ever-standing legacy - one that consistently keeps our ghorayeba crumbly and our kahks friable.


Branches all over Cairo

This year, baking giants Simonds are serving up a kahk store with both their regular and newly introduced ‘Soirée Kahks’ - as delicious as the regulars and 10 times lighter.


Branches all over Egypt

It’s cupcakes this and cupcakes that, but Nola isn’t just all gumdrops and rainbows, these babies know how to finesse Eid kahks, just try them for yourself.

La Poire

Branches all over Egypt

Not sure if the green logo is a patisserie psyop, but, for some reason, La Poire is a pro at everything pistachio - and their kahk is no exception. Proceed with as much decorum as you can muster.

Oven Heaven

Branches all over Cairo

Rows of perfectly chalky kahks and vibrant petit-fours come to life in Oven Heaven delectable boxes, soon to be emptied and made into sewing kits for your grandma (or designated crocheting friend).


23 July St., Port Said

As Port Said’s designated homegrown bakery for everything sweet and fluffy, Taby’s is where we’re all heading for powdery goodness on Eid nights spent roaming the streets and downing Sobia like it’s our last night on Earth.


Branches all over Cairo

Designated for royal use only, Dukes craft two-story Eid boxes filled with delicately carved kahks for your viewing and munching pleasures.


Korba, Heliopolis & Abd El-Khalik Tharwat St., Downtown Cairo

A classic our parents frequented, and our grandparents before them, Groppi is only a natural destination for our kahk needs.


Branches all over Egypt

Now, you may be most familiar with Delight for its tartes, ones we used to beg our parents for every weekend. Their kahk is just as good and more celebratory. If you’re a procrastinator like us, their kahk selection is available on Botit for same-day delivery.

Fleur Chocolates

Garden 8, New Cairo

Popular for their dainty chocolate platters, Fleur tilts towards Middle Eastern desserts this Eid with their just as dainty kahk boxes.


Merghany, Heliopolis & The Nox, New Cairo

The Canelé kahk kit is, like all of their desserts, as picturesque as a sunny day on the French coast of Nice, and just as delicious.