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Carrefour Implements Strict Measures to Protect Customers and Staff Against Coronavirus

The hypermarket chain has started applying strict measures as an attempt to create a safer environment for their shoppers and staff members alike.


The Coronavirus is out there, but sometimes you just need to buy some groceries. And while supermarkets across the country are taking measures like offering gloves and reserving happy hours for seniors, you don't want to worry about some unprofessional checkout guy thinking that social distancing is too much of a bougie social media fad for him (it's not! It's really not!). Fortunately, one supermarket is leading the way in applying all-encompassing measures: Carrefour. The hypermarket chain has put in place a comprehensive programme ensuring strict sanitation and safety measures to protect their customers and staff. 

Besides distributing isopropyl alcohol sanitizers (yes, that's the one you want right now) across their stores and staff areas, Carrefour also disinfects product receiving areas, pellet jackets and traffic trolleys twice a day. The sanitizers are also available for customers upon entrance to the stores at the fresh foods alley and by the checkout counters. At the store’s fresh foods area, you can pick up a pair of gloves and protective masks, both of which are available for staff where they’re used in the store’s lab and during food preparation in the kitchen. The masks and gloves are also provided to all staff members - and they do mean all of them, up to and including the delivery drivers.

Carrefour digs even deeper by remembering that health is personal. All of Carrefour’s staff members’ health are monitored daily through procedures such as temperature checks, and they've been given awareness training on safety measures against the pandemic.

This is all in addition to Carrefour’s standard daily hygiene routine, which includes cleaning all aisles and thorough washing of bathrooms, kitchens and sinks, and firm hygiene requirements for staff members such as hourly hand washes. Carrefour have set a high bar in ensuring the safety of the customers and staff during this difficult time. And while that's great to see, we should always remember to do our part to keep everyone healthy by holding ourselves just as accountable as Carrefour has. Stay safe and stay strong!

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