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Wash ‘Em is Anghami’s New Game to Keep You Virus-Free

Scrub, sing and Stay Safe with Anghami’s New Game


Roll up your sleeves, Cairenes, you’re about to get a lesson in basic hygiene—  a la mazzika. If the Coronavirus has shown us anything, it’s that there’s a whole ton of us grown adults that really didn’t know the proper way to wash our hands. And since we’re currently experiencing a literal epidemic, Anghami has decided to do its part by launching a 20-second ‘Wash ‘Em’ game that will help you scrub, sing, and stay safe. It’s a simple process, you choose the song that best fits your mood and wash your hands until the time is up. It shouldn’t be hard to choose because we feel like they totally get us, with song choices like ‘Gar7i Ghaby’ and ‘Hayati Msh Tamam’. Anghami, baby, you’re the only one who really understands. Get to washing here as

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