Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Video: Episode 2 of Nike Women's Hilarious Margot vs. Lily Just Hit the Internet!

Tensions run high in the second episode of Nike Women's side-splitting web series Margot vs. Lily, as the sisters make good on their vows to crush each other!

Staff Writer

The second episode of Nike Women’s original series, Margot vs. Lily, has finally made its way to the World Wide Web. The sisters are at it again, this time making good on their vows to crush each other!

Margot finally gets around to filming the first episode of her own workout web series and it’s a total fiasco; she looks like a baby deer learning to jog on a treadmill, and we’re embarrassed for her right now. Lily tries to figure out the burdensome social practice of friend-making, which we can tell you from personal experience is a lengthy and tedious process, consisting mainly of feigning interest in other people’s lives. She fails miserably, but we are still rooting for her because Margot is one obnoxious fake blonde with flabby arms! Watch the full episode here and don't forget to love Lily!