Sunday December 10th, 2023
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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Makes Its Full Collection of Books Available to Read Online

The Library of Alexandria has made all 13,000 of their books accessible online to the public during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Staff Writer

Once upon a time, before the age of Netflix or the sheer unadulterated ecstasy of an infinite scrolling social feed, we had books. Books were physical objects filled with words that you could touch, much like a touchscreen, but better. It was said that people would read these words, and if it was a good book, they would be transported, inspired or even educated. No need to like, comment, subscribe, or make sure everyone else knew you were doing any of those things - you just gained and grew.

Amazingly, the beautiful bookworms at Bibliotheca Alexandrina have now made all 13,000 of their books online and accessible for reading while you're on lockdown. So if you would like to learn something more fulfilling than what your friend's pets are doing during quarantine, put your mobile down, then pick your mobile back up and head to for some old-fashioned reading.