Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Eat Like a Pro, Live Like a Pro: Beko Launches Huge Healthy-Cooking Competition

Let's get cookin'...

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Eat Like a Pro, Live Like a Pro: Beko Launches Huge Healthy-Cooking Competition

While Egypt has always been known for its - let's call it 'less than healthy' - cuisine, more and more Egyptians have been actively looking to lead healthier lifestyles. And for most people, that starts in the kitchen. It's something that Europe's number one home appliances brand, Beko, is looking to contribute to with the launch of its new #EatLikeAPro campaign and competition, inviting foodies everywhere to cook and prepare healthy recipes for the chance to win products from Beko. 

Building on Beko's previous collaboration with UNESCO to raise awareness, the competition asks you to participate by cooking healthy recipes and sharing the ingredients used and a photo of the final product, as well as by liking Beko on Facebook.

Once eligible for the draw, five 'top fans' will be chosen to carry on with the competition, and from those, two winners will be awarded Beko products and named the winners of the competition. Also joining the competition are influencers Nurdan Suleyman, Chef Nora Tawfiq, Chef Noha Emad among many others.

Beko, the main sponsor for football club Barcelona, also features Master Chef Ibrahim in a series of five videos, cooking recipes healthy enough to be approved by FC Barcelona's official nutritionist. Of those five videos, three of them will feature an influencer each: TV anchor Sherine Hamdy and influencers Alia Awwe and Farah Galal for three different scenarios. The three join an esteemed list of names that have thrown their backing behind the project, including one of the world's most decorated footballers, FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique.

The first video will feature Sherine Hamdy getting personal and talking about feeding her kids healthy, with the second featuring newly-wed Alia Awwe, who fights to break the routine with innovative healthy recipes for the everyday. The third video stars Farah Galal, striving to stay fit and eating healthy yet tasty food. The fourth and fifth videos will be simple recipes by Chef Ibrahim.

For more info on how to get involved, click here.

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