Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Atfal Shaware3 Handed 15 More Days Pre-Trial Detention

A Giza court just extended the pre-trial detention period of satirical music band Atfal Shaware3 by 15 days pending investigation.

Staff Writer

Atfal Shaware3 Handed 15 More Days Pre-Trial Detention

An appeal by satirical music band 2atfal Shaware3 (Street Children) members to cut short their pre-trial detention was rejected by the Giza criminal court yesterday, Monday August 1st, reports Daily News Egypt. Instead, the court extended their pre-trial detention period by 15 days.

Their case has not been referred to trial yet, however, the court maintains that their release is pending investigation.  

All five members of the band were arrested last May on charges of inciting unrest and publishing inappropriate content on social media, after sharing a Youtube video mocking president el-Sisi's policies.

Their arrest backfired and caused uproar on social media, as public figures took to Facebook and other platforms to show their support to the band and voice their concerns over the authorities' handling of the situation, asserting that sarcasm is not a crime.