Thursday July 18th, 2024
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AMIDEAST Partners with Global Talent Programme Rise to Find Egypt’s Young Innovators

The prolific NGO has been announced as Rise’s official partner in the Middle East and intends to help find, champion and celebrate the next generation of innovators in Egypt.

Staff Writer

AMIDEAST Partners with Global Talent Programme Rise to Find Egypt’s Young Innovators

As we look back at a difficult year, the need to come together to solve the world's most pressing issues has never been greater, both locally and globally. Deep in the heart of any movement, however, are innovators and leaders - people whose talents and vision need fostering, need opportunities, need a platform, regardless of their age.

This is very much the goal of Rise, a new global talent programme that comes in partnership between Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust. While many of these types of global programmes seem to have a blindspot for the Middle East, Rise - which is part of a larger $1 billion commitment - has one eye on the region, thanks to nonprofit organisation, AMIDEAST, coming in as Rise’s official partner in the Arab world.

So what exactly is Rise trying to do?

Seeking talented young people between the ages of 15 and 17, the programme aims to establish and develop a global community of leaders, by offering successful applicants free learning resources, while connecting these leaders of tomorrow and offering yet more opportunities through Rise's extensive network of partners.

One of the most intriguing elements of the programme, however, is the intent to each year select 100 global winners, who will invariably have their lives changed. If selected, applicants will be opened up to a lifetime of personalised support in the form of scholarships, mentorships, career services and even potential access to funding to help take their ideas from a vision to reality.

On AMIDEAST’s part, their on-ground knowledge of the sheer depth of unrecognised talent has made them an ideal partner for Rise in the region and they understand that even a little can go far when we’re talking about providing support. 

“AMIDEAST is honored to be partnering with Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust to bring Rise to youth in the Middle East and North Africa,” said Mr. Hisham Fahmy, Member of AMIDEAST’s Board of Directors and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham Egypt), Inc. “Our decades of experience working with young people in Egypt and throughout the MENA region have shown what a difference an opportunity such as this can make in helping talented youth realise their potential to make a positive impact in the world. We’re very pleased to be participating in this exciting new initiative.”

The programme very much fits in with AMIDEAST's own efforts to empower talented youth and, as such, this fitting collaboration will be approaching Egypt with an extensive outreach strategy that intends to leave no rock unturned - a first step in highlighting, empowering and championing some of the most underserved youth on the planet.

For more information on Rise and how to apply, click here. Applications are open till January 29th, 2021.