Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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This Boutique Retro Haven Offers Stunning Views of the Turkish Riviera

The boutique hotel hits two birds with one stone: flaunted luxury and a humble return to origin.

Layla Raik

When it comes to esoteric escapism in the heart of one of the region’s most budding culture hubs, birds of a feather do flock together at decorous boutique hotel Birdcage 33. Fostering both an untarnished connection to origin and an unfaltering promise of luxury, the adult-only resort features 11 cages of earthy elegance. 

Nestled (pun intended) in the improbable beach heaven of Yalikavak, Birdcage 33 offers stunning views of prime beach destination Bodrum peninsula off a less popular coast. This means visitors get to enjoy the clear waters of one of Turkey’s most lusted-after beaches with the added elusiveness of seclusion. One could say it hit two birds with one stone. 

Featuring flaunted terraces, tiered gardens and an oblong pool that invites lazy kimono-clad lounging, Birdcage 33 creates an environment so serene it allows for a complete soul reset to occur. Whether you decide to gaze out onto the yachts on the marina below or sip on a calimocho by the pool, Birdcage 33 offers something for the graceful swans, proud peacocks and peaceful doves alike. 

A fan-favourite stay at the hotel would be Executive Suite with Private Garden & Sea View Room, a deluxe stay perfect for larger groups, connecting a spacious terrace, panoramic sea views and a stunning multi coloured-tile kitchenette where you can put to use the Turkish cooking classes still fresh in your memory. Humbler stays include the Superior Poolside Room, a beautiful room (with private bathroom) boasting Mediterranean architecture and tempting easy access to the hotel pool.