Monday May 29th, 2023
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Sheybarah Island: Home to Saudi Arabia’s Floating Red Sea Resort

Saudi Arabia’s new floating Red Sea resort on Sheybarah Island might just be one of the world’s most futuristic getaways.

Scene Traveller

Could this new hotel being built on the shores of the Red Sea be the world's most futuristic getaway? If the renderings by architectural firm, Killa Design, are any indication, it appears likely.

A resort on Sheybarah Island - one of several ultra-luxury properties planned for the Red Sea - has been revealed. Set to open in 2024, the renders boast 73 pod-like beach and overwater villas, indicating that the self-proclaimed hyper-luxury resort is already making solid progress.

Guests are set to enjoy a panoramic 45-minute seaplane ride from the Red Sea Airport to Sheybarah Resort. There, driverless buggies will await oncomers and transport them to the inner lagoon. Harbouring multiple dining establishments, the inner lagoon - alongside the resort’s boardwalk - serves as the heart from which all else unfolds, including coral reef water villas, beach villas and a unique spa experience.

Long-term plans are also in place for the Sheybarah Resort’s energy supply. The entire property was built to be off-grid, and instead use a centralised solar farm, while a solar-powered desalination facility provides the resort with fresh water.