Monday May 29th, 2023
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Saudi Arabian Events Have Brought in 120 Million Visitors Since 2019

Exhibitions, concerts, cultural festivals and more have brought an unprecedented flood of visitors into the kingdom.

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Since 2019, over 120 million visitors have come to Saudi Arabia to take part in entertainment events of all kinds. The stats come from Saudi’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA), which has been responsible for injecting a burst of entertainment into the Kingdom since its founding in 2016, including exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, cultural festivals, and more lighting up public spaces.

The initiative has been a real boost to the Kingdom’s leisure scene, with the GEA hosting approximately 8,732 activities in restaurants and cafes. The number of event days reached over 76,000, featuring more than 1,381 concerts. The entertainment body has issued 11,136 licences for various entertainment and supporting activities after the launch of its new licensing system in 2019.

The accomplishment highlights Saudi Arabia's focus on entertainment as a means of promoting tourism, developing the economy, and diversifying the country's oil-dependent economy.