Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Luxuriate at These Glamorous Glamping Sites in the MENA Region

These destinations exemplify glamping in the MENA region, with all of its magic and mystique…

Raïs Saleh

Luxuriate at These Glamorous Glamping Sites in the MENA Region

Nights beneath expansive starry skies, with a cool desert breeze softly caressing the senses. Simple but exquisite bedouin cuisine washed down with fragrant teas and strong coffees. The ability to be in and with nature, while still maintaining an air of glamour and style. These destinations exemplify glamping in the MENA region, with all of its magic and mystique…

Caravan by Habitas Agafay | Marrakesh, Morocco

Situated in Morocco’s mesmerising Agafay desert just 45 minutes away from Marrakesh, with views of the towering Atlas mountain range, Caravan by Habitas Agafay features numerous plush private lodges as well as more rustic tent options for the more adventurous amongst us. Caravan Agafay’s signature restaurant, Olivar, serves up traditional Moroccan fare with a decadent twist, with dishes like couscous infused with dried fruits and almonds, and fish tagine with kabsa rice.

Remal El Rayan Glamp | Fayoum, Egypt

Set in the picturesque Fayoum oasis, surrounded by rolling sand dunes and calm lakes, is one of Egypt’s premier glamping sites, Remal El Rayan. Its architecture features beachwood constructs mingled with marble motifs, all accentuating the natural palettes of the surrounding environment. The materials used in the camp’s construction are all eco-friendly and sourced from the area.

Al Nyhaya | Siwa, Egypt

In the endless sea of the Western Desert, and situated close to the natural healing waters of Siwa’s salt lakes and hot springs, lies Al Nyhaya Camp. The camp is dotted with bell tents, which all sit above natural heating systems using firewood. Bigger bedouin style tents are also available for those wanting a more authentic experience.

Hatta Dome Park | Dubai, UAE

15 minimalistic bubble tents abound in the soft beauty and fjords of the UAE’s Hatta mountainous region. The tents feature king beds and outdoor private terraces overlooking the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Sun City Camp | Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum’s majesty has attracted travellers of all sorts for centuries. The pristine desert landscape dotted with towering mounds add an air of adventure to satisfy the most potent of wanderlusts. Choose between chic sci-fi like Martian dome tents, or more traditional bedouin rectangular tents, all with panoramic windows overlooking the mountains. All tents are equipped with double or twin beds, and full bathrooms with showers. Each night, guests are treated to rustic Zarb dinners, traditionally cooked goat or chicken slow-cooked in a subterranean oven.

Caravan by Habitas AlUla | AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Off the beaten path and situated between the crags of the AlUla mountains lies Caravan by Habitas AlUla. Set amongst the ancient Nabatean ruins of AlUla, the interiors of these luxury caravans and camping vans are decorated in intricate bedouin style, with embroidered carpentry and textured objects providing a warm yet glitzy camping option.

Welcome to Socotra | Hadiboh, Yemen

Amongst the azure beaches and unique flora of the Socotra island, guests can sit with tents at different locations on the island’s shore and bushland. Guests are invited to enjoy an holistic experience in the pristine natural environment, and dine on the freshest seafoods and traditional Yemeni coffee.

Azalaï | Chegaga, Morocco

Amongst the Zagora palm groves and the Atlantic coastlines, Azalaï dazzles guests with chic yet modest lodges and tented camps. Guests can choose between Azalaï’s numerous camps, on the beaches, mountain ranges and deserts of the expansive kingdom.