Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Farm to Tourism-Staple: The Earthiest Farm Stays in the Middle East

As the world collectively adopts an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, travellers are on the hunt for plans that match up with their eco-friendly ethics.

Layan Adham Ismail

Farm to Tourism-Staple: The Earthiest Farm Stays in the Middle East

From dedicated recycling practices to fierce boycotting of tree-cutting corporations, travellers are increasingly on the hunt for travel plans that match up with their eco-friendly ethics. Agritourism, the practice of centering one’s travel plans around agriculture ventures, owes its exponential growth to this ever-growing group of travellers yearning to reconnect with mother nature. After all, what better way to reconnect with your roots than to plant some seeds yourself?

In the spirit of aiding you in turning your ‘Nicholas Sparks’s The Longest Ride’ fantasies into a riveting reality, we’ve rounded up a list of the earthiest and most nerve-calming farm stays in the Middle East.


If you’ve ever thirsted for a hay-and-clay farmer-boy love affair on a remote patch of seeded land, then you should definitely check into Hazel Farm, which has stepped up to the rom-com plate.

Nestled somewhere along the Cairo-Alex Desert road, Hazel Farm was previously a family-owned private enterprise and has now turned into a hotel experience after the founder quit her job to establish this agritourism gem. The farm offers guests a plethora of agriculture-centred activities; you can immerse yourself in the farm’s educational offerings, pick food you’ll later consume, or even make similarly eco-friendly friends by booking a solo slot in a group tour.


Located on the west bank of the Nile in Aswan, Nubian Farm’s multi-faceted views are unparalleled in the world of ethical tourism. As you hone your fishing skills in the specially prepared pond, you can revel in the panoramic desert scape, the towering mountains, verdant gardens and the not-too-far-away city, all enveloping this magnificent testament to Nubian culture.


A sanctuary built inside the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve, which is home to gazelles, oryxes, desert foxes and various other animal friends, the Camel Farm’s allure can be traced back to the animal responsible for its name. Offering guests the opportunity to interact with camels, learn about them and even go for a short ride, Camel Farm is as educational as it is entertaining.


A thrilling family destination just outside Casablanca, La Ferme Pédagogique promises to teach your youngsters all about the significance of farming by letting them feed various animals, teaching them the basics of gardening and even helping them make traditional Moroccan pancakes.


With a prime location in Maaser El Chouf, the Maaser Donkey Farm is teeming with educational past-times such as picking in-season fruits, collecting fresh eggs from the hen, learning how to milk a cow and even partaking in the herbs distillation process they’re known for.

However, Maaser Donkey Farm’s main attraction is perhaps its engineer founder, Chibli. An agricultural expert of the highest standards, Chibli decided to return to his village to start a farm, with a focus on giving back to the earth rather than just taking from it.


A staple in the breathtaking Barouk village, Farm Ville is a haven for those looking for some authentic musical stylings to go along with their quest for knowledge about planting techniques, chick farming and livestock raising.

Ghassan Fayyed, a triple threat entrepreneur/artist/architect, will even teach you his unique handicraft technique Terrazzo, and send you off with a personalised tile you can keep as a souvenir.


Ignore your lactose intolerance and embark on a gouda-infused journey through the countryside at La Ferme Tarentil.

With a wide selection of cheesy activities - such as enjoying a well-rounded cheese demonstration, going on an excursion at a cheese factory, and studiously partaking in cheese-making workshops - La Ferme Tarentil is also the ideal location for a hearty, healthy and gourmet brunch buffet.


The first agricultural destination of its kind in Qatar, North Sedra Farm presents travellers with the unique opportunity to accompany their young ones around a mini zoo and even teach them about the architectural history of Qatari houses in the “Qatar Through History” museum.

With various kid-friendly activities like boat riding, bumper cars and mini trains, North Sedra Farm is the new go-to for educational and entertaining family vacations.


Situated in the mesmerising Ar Rayyan, Heenat Salma Farm is a regenerative, self-maintained and organic farm that forwent the prevalent use of chemicals, and instead decided to implement techniques that cultivate the utilisation of animal and plant waste.

Besides the impressive technological and ethical methodologies the farm is celebrated for, the destination also includes diverse amenities that cater to the opulence-lovers among us, like a wellness treatment room, a library, and a lap pool.


Perched atop the highest hill of Bozcaada island, Harmani Holiday Farm is an elevated farming paradise, boasting a number of heavenly restored houses that act as guest lodgings.

There, you can revel in your room’s sea view, dip your toe in your private spa bath, go on a bike ride around Bozcaada or enjoy a palatable buffet, crafted by the culinary-blessed owners of Harmani Holiday Farm.