Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Embark On a Sinai Adventure With Wild Guanabana

A soulful three-day hike across the longest hiking trail in Egypt might just be what you needed.

Nouran Saleh

Embark On a Sinai Adventure With Wild Guanabana

With the holy month of Ramadan fast approaching, it’s high time we ask ourselves the important questions in life. Such as, when are we going to get a break already? Egyptian travel company and adventuring community, Wild Guanabana, may have the answer with a three day trip to the mystical mountains of Sinai.

For six hours a day you’ll have the chance to connect with the great outdoors by hiking Egypt’s longest hiking trail, a 250 KM route that starts from the Gulf of Aqaba and ends at Saint Catherine, the highest mountains in Egypt.

Reconnect with nature by trekking through the road-less-travelled, and then rest beneath an uninterrupted blanket of stars, which the local bedouin tribes refer to as ‘The Million Star Hotel’. You’ll have a chance to visit a variety of destinations in Sinai including Wadi Faraa, Wadi Om Gerfa, Rod El Khawaga, and the Lost Temple.

The trip is scheduled to depart on March 16th at 6 PM. You will return to Cairo on Sunday, March 19th at 5 PM. The cost of the trip comes out to EGP 5,900, inclusive of meals, camp crew, and permits when needed. To book, make sure you visit Wild Guanabana’s website.