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Sail Sail at Cairow's Windsurfing Camp this May

You can now learn to wind-surf like an expert in just two days!

The South Sinai town of Ras Sudr is the hotspot for windsurfers, with its perfect winds and the gorgeous waters of the Red Sea. So if you want to get into the sport, what better place to start than at its glimmering shores? From May 20th to May 22nd, Egyptian watersports group Cairow is hosting a camp there dedicated entirely to learning the art of windsurfing, open to beginners and experienced windsurfers alike.

For EGP 1900, you will get 10 hours of windsurfing lessons, accommodation, full gear and beach access with safety. If you’d like all the above with a double room, the cost will come up at EGP 2600.

If you’re not free for that session, Cairo will host another camp every single week until October, which marks the end of the windsurfing season.

To book, head over to Cairow’s Facebook DMs, or call 01005665302.