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10 Egyptian Travel Photographers You Should Be Following in 2020

Make sure you branch out of each to explore more travel accounts.

Rania Shereen

This year, more than a few Egyptian travel accounts have emerged into the spotlight, sharing a meticulous amount of wanderlust-inducing photos from all around our homeland as well as the world. As tourism blooms in the next year and Egypt's unknown corners get some much-deserved attention, here are ten of our favourite Egyptian travel photographers that will bring you on their picturesque adventures in 2020:

Amira Ihab of @196Stamps



Ahmed Wahba of @ProjectWahba



Farah & Timmy of @WanderLikeAnEgyptian


Ahmed Hossam of @WhereMyEyeStops


@HamsaMansour and @Noureldinz of @BlueCamel.Eg

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