Thursday July 18th, 2024
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These are the MENA Labels to Look Out for in 2024

Having taken the scene by storm in 2023, we can’t wait to see what these regional designers bring to 2024.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

These are the MENA Labels to Look Out for in 2024

Resonant, forceful, and bearing an indelible statement, designers across the MENA region are altering the industry with each creation. Our fashion landscape has undergone an extraordinary surge in the past year. Witnessing the inaugural Fashion Week in Egypt, the groundbreaking Riyadh Fashion Week, and the Arab Fashion Council's unveiling of concealed talents, numerous designers have unveiled collections steeped in heritage, diving into the depths of sartorial storytelling.

Harnessing their platforms to confront societal taboos, transcend creative confines, and unabashedly envision, these select regional labels promise to disrupt the landscape in 2024. From knits serving as conduits for socio-political narratives to avant-garde accessories adorned with accolades, delve further for an abundance of extraordinary talent...

Amina Galal


An up-and-coming Egyptian designer dissecting society using deconstructed and colourful knitwear, Galal is a young yet masterful storyteller. With her graduate collection, ‘In Our Alleys’, Amina Galal truly cemented herself as a creative force to be reckoned with. 

Born in Exile


A finalist for the Vogue Arabia Fashion Prize and the Fashion Trust Arabia Prize, Born in Exile’s Ibrahim Shebani celebrates traditional textile-based style found on equestrian clothing and horse tack, sartorially immortalising Libyan culture.

Ilyes Ouali


A Fashion Star Arabia winner, Ouali most recently pivoted into accessories, debuting a stunning ’Silhouette’ bag collection that pays homage to the human body. With this most intimate of muses in his arsenal, we cannot wait to see what the Algerian designer presents in 2024.

Renaissance Renaissance


This year’s Fashion Trust Arabia winner in the Evening Wear category, Renaissance Renaissance’s Cynthia Merhej comes from a family of designers and embroiderers dating back to the 1920s in Yaffa, Palestine.  

A Better Feeling


Edgy, and avant-garde, the London-based, Cairo-hailing accessories label is pushing fashion boundaries with statement shades so stunning they just snatched the 2023 Fashion Trust Arabia awards in the accessories category. 

Katarina Tarazi


More than gorgeous works of art, Katarina Tarazi's jewels beautifully marry technical precision with sentimentality and history, pushing the boundaries of what fine jewellery can represent. Tarazi just won the 2023 Fashion Trust Arabia awards in the Jewelry category.

Not Boring 

Saudi Arabia

Pushing boundaries through subtle yet powerful self-expression, Not Boring’s founder, Yazeed Abahussein, has made it his mission to question what constitutes ‘cool’ or ‘trendy.’ The streetwear label, founded in 2017, has become a staple with consistently evolutionary style.