Monday April 22nd, 2024
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These Are The Local Fashion Pop-Ups Popping Off This Sahel Season

Sahel season is here so now we’re performing our stylish duty to tell you about all the hottest fashion pop-ups in the North Coast.

Farida El Shafie

These Are The Local Fashion Pop-Ups Popping Off This Sahel Season

With Sahel season comes fashion pop-ups all over the North Coast, and if it seems overwhelming well that’s because it is. But don’t fret because whether you’re going on a road trip to sample something new or looking to dive back into familiar closets we’re here to tell you what and where to find all things stylish in Sahel…

OKHTEIN | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay & Almaza Bay

Nothing matches the vigour by which Okhtein’s hand-crafted pieces are brought to life. Their palmette flower embossed leather bags are not just an all-year staple but they make for the perfect ‘I just woke up midday and my days are homogenising so a cute outfit and dinner by the beach will save me’ wardrobe antidote. 



Nile Eyewear and their sister company Nile Details are keeping our eyes - and respective contacts - sheltered from the scorching rays and grainy sands. The brand’s amalgamation of funky outlandish sunnies and delicately rimmed glasses is breathing fine taste into Sahel’s shores. 

BE INDIE | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

The high school cool girl clan of local brands, Be Indie, is in fact allowing you to keep your denim game strong and your summer knitwear pieces even stronger when you’ve fully run away to tortilla-chip yourself on Sahelian beaches. 

AZZA FAHMY | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay, Almaza Bay, Mountain View & Diplo 

Miss girl is everywhere this Sahel season, they’re at Almaza Bay, Marassi, Mountain View, and two seconds away from popping out our faucets. The folkloric and motif-ridden brand will single-handedly inculturate the Cairenne babes heading over to Sahel and they’re going to do it with utmost grace and glamour. 

O’FIVE | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

A hub for the local and luxurious, O’five is what’s going to save you - harefeyan - during Sahel wedding season. Let’s face it, when you’re spending your days glaring at a laptop screen - shrimp posture style - and you have to navigate the labyrinth that is Al Alamein road just to be a bridesmaid at your second cousin’s best friend’s wedding, the last thing you want to do is vibrate with anxiety over what to wear, hence, O’five.  

AHMED HAMDY | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

To match your delicately dressed significant other, you must suit up and you must ensure that some latent element of your perfectly padded suit matches her dress. There is no time for slacking or snacking - because well, they’re slim fit - there’s only serving looks.   

MAISON 69| Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

Bestie, this is no joke, but THE Maison 69 - in all their fashion glory - will be there to support you through those Sahel breakdowns when nothing is making you feel cute and quirky and you need that metallic blue monokini and some matching slides to enable you to better channel your inner housewife of Palm Hills. You’re welcome. 

VILLA BABOUSHKA | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

We’re gonna pop some tags because we’ve got Villa Baboushka at our disposal and that’s the tea. Also if you were not looped in, they just brought in those Marni straw beach bags (yes the ones with different coloured fonts and lined with leather) so we suggest scheduling your weekend getaway asap before those bad boys sell out.   

BEYMEN | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay 

We need the Valentino plastic slides with the multi-colored studs because not only will they match our Vilebrequin bathing suits but they’ll also - much like skittles - drip feed you with serotonin all throughout the summer season. 

POSH | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

Fashion mogul Yasmine Tharwat never lets us down when it comes to acquainting us with the hottest underground regional sunglass labels. A harbinger of innovation and eccentricity, Posh Shades is going to be this Season’s it girl. You heard it here first ladies.

BAZIC | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

We demand the mesh two-piece sets because tantalising TikTok girlies we must be! There’s no ongoing debate to acknowledge the intricacies of summer co-ords, there are only lazy and sweaty - but still hot - girl remedies. 

KAI COLLECTION | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay 

They just released a women’s collection so we’re praying that they don’t sell out before we get there. Side note, if you’re not well acquainted with the local swimwear monopoly that is Kai Collections, they are the padel dad, americanos, and amber heets of swim shorts so if you’re THE pilates mom, then we suggest y’all match? 

ECRU | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay 

Frolic our beloved milkmaids and let the wind catch your floral printed midi dress as you bask in your Marlyn Monroe moment because it is well deserved and you are glamour personified. Ecru is bold, so if you have been contemplating resigning that rigid Englishman aesthetic and fully stepping into your Disney princess era then Ecru might just be your Sahel shop of choice. 

DINA MAGHAWRY | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

We’ve dubbed it the season of piercings and only because Dina Maghawry will be there, periodt. You can have that emerald set and those ruby cartilage accent pieces because your ears deserve to feel like queen Lizzie’s crown at her coronation. Oh, and you can get tooth gems, like for real… *frantically books a hotel room*...*DRY heaves*

IN YOUR SHOE | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay 

Whilst perhaps bucket hats are starting to traumatise generation alpha, gen z and millennials are not ones to back down when it comes to arousing unprovoked stylistic bullying. In Your Shoe is no stranger to the land of food prints and at their hipster core, they are nothing but irresistible. 

17TH AVENUE | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

Betty Hammouda’s clean cuts and box-y silhouettes are your sanctuaries when it comes to sprucing up your flowy cute girl closet. In all honesty, this brand is akin to that corporate lawyer mom of two who has a toxic relationship with carbs but at the end of the day can be spotted - face dimly lit by the refrigerator light - sneaking in leftover macarona bechamel. And we love that for her.  

ZEE | Lakeyard Hacienda Bay, The Alley Marassi & Almaza Bay 

The local footwear giants turned blazer connoisseurs Zee has left no arena left untapped. The artisans are packing up their leather goodies and setting up shop at Hacienda Bay’s very own Lakeyard.


Bazarna - Egypt’s resident entrepreneur cheerleaders - will still, in fact, reign supreme as THE Friday morning activity for the shopaholics, and that’s the tweet.  

REFORM | Marassi

Marassi bag babes REFORM is a Stella Walk staple and that’s because sustainability is not just a local brand pastime but a tangible selection of pieces - such as those of REFORM’S - that are providing us with guilt-free shopping trips.