Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Kachami Couture Personalises Their Ready-to-Wear Line Just For You

Kachami Couture works tirelessly to create personalized pieces for every kind of customer, with each piece being handmade and of a limited stock.

Staff Writer

Kachami Couture Personalises Their Ready-to-Wear Line Just For You

“Every person has insecurities. It’s something that we all have in common. I want to relate to people and encourage girls to wear whatever they want,” designer Christiane Kachami tells us over an evening phone call. “I talk to my customers and I tailor my pieces to their body specifically — I want to make it feel personalized.”

A self-taught designer, Italian-Egyptian model Christiane Kachami is both the brains and the face behind Kachami Couture. Always enamoured by fashion since childhood, Kachami would sketch fashion illustrations and designs in her school books. “I wanted to study fashion design abroad, but because I live with my grandparents and take care of them I couldn’t leave them alone,” Kachami tells CairoScene. Instead of choosing between her love of fashion and love of family, she started her brand right at home. The Alexandria-based designer started on her venture from her bedroom, armed with just a sketchbook and some lust for life. She got to sketching, outsourced a tailor, and made her dreams a reality.

Kachami handmakes all her pieces, creating just a limited stock of each one and pouring lots of passion into every piece. “Some people are insecure about their waistline, others about their legs, and so they don’t feel like they can pull off certain things. My mission is to make it work for them, that’s why I talk to each customer and figure something out for them."

At the moment, most of the up-and-coming label’s designs are casual wear, but in the future Kachami hopes to break into soiree and menswear as well. Her biggest dream, though, is to open a bricks-and-mortar location in Egypt and Italy.