Monday July 15th, 2024
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Egyptian Designer Mirna Nakhla Makes Music Debut With 'Flower Child’

The dreamy femme fatale just released her first single.

Mai El Mokadem

Egyptian Designer Mirna Nakhla Makes Music Debut With 'Flower Child’

"People often confuse me for a hopeless romantic in the wrong sense. But I'm someone who finds beauty and poetry in life. I romanticise life, and I humanise love."

Transitioning from the world of dreamy fashion and modelling, Egyptian designer Mirna Nakhla is set to bloom in the music industry with her debut single, 'Flower Child.’ Released on May 22nd, this single allows Nakhla to merge her storytelling skills with her musical talent.

Nakhla has always been a creative soul, finding artistic outlets to express her emotions and experiences. Her journey into music began at the tender age of 12 when she started writing poems, which she later turned into songs by the age of 15. Teaching herself to play the piano, Nakhla found solace and a voice in music and poetry, mediums that have been integral to her self-expression.

Mirna Nakhla initially gained recognition as a model before she ventured into designing and creative directing, a role that allowed her to further explore her artistic identity. She launched her own luxury fashion brand, Mirna Nakhla, and a ready-to-wear and swimwear label, Eterna, blending her passions for cinema, music, art, fashion, and the metaphysical world. "I carry my Egyptian heritage and Arabian roots proudly, blending them with my love for the golden age of Hollywood and the free-spirited days of Woodstock," she revealed on her social media. Her multifaceted approach to creativity has always been evident in her designs and now extends to her music.

‘Flower Child’ marks Nakhla's official entry into the music scene, a significant step that she announced on social media, expressing her journey of overcoming fears and embracing her musical aspirations. "After years of hiding in the shadows of my fears, I finally decided to begin my music career,” Nakhla shares on her social media. “I was always very shy, hiding in my comfort zone. I dreamed of becoming a singer, songwriter, a storyteller, an artist but my fears used to cloud my soul." The single is a collaborative effort, with Nakhla as the main artist, composer, and lyricist, and Ramy Attallah as the producer.

The haunting melody and chords come alive with poignant lyrics like “Never in one place for too long, like a siren, roaming oceans” and “With a tip of my fingers, I paint the constellations.” A whisper of smoke and velvet, her sultry voice wraps itself around the lines, delivering the pain in “lonely as the angels.” Then, she bursts forth—reaching her crescendo and final realisation, “I was born to be a flower child.”

Her foray into music is a natural extension of her creative journey. Nakhla's work often intertwines various artistic disciplines, as she believes she doesn’t fit in just one box. “People categorise me either as a femme fatale, or a dreamy mermaid, but I find myself to be a series of paradoxes,” she reveals. With ‘Flower Child,’ she invites listeners into her world, where fashion meets music, and personal stories are told through sincere lyrics and melodies.

"I am finally living my dream, sharing my story through melodies and poetry, with all the dreamers and nostalgic romantics like me."