Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Ahmed Malek is Dior's First MENA Fashion & Fragrances Ambassador

The Egyptian actor is no stranger to the French Maison, and is now, officially, their darling.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Ahmed Malek is Dior's First MENA Fashion & Fragrances Ambassador

Dior has strengthened its connection with the Middle East by unveiling Egyptian actor Ahmed Malek as its inaugural ambassador for the region. Malek, a beloved figure in the fashion house, has frequently been seen at Dior's menswear shows, showcasing his fondness for sophisticated tailoring and bold fashion choices that reflect the dynamic elegance of Kim Jones' designs.

Malek's star continues to rise in the film industry, with notable performances in movies such as ‘The Swimmers’ (2022) and ‘Sheikh Jackson’ (2017), as well as his appearances in television series like ‘Bimbo’ (2021) and ‘La Totfe’ El Shams’ (2017).

His international debut in Rockerick MacKay’s ‘The Furnace’ (2020) further solidified his position as a rising talent. Malek's modern and captivating charisma perfectly aligns with Dior's timeless sensuality, making him an ideal representative for the brand's contemporary vision.

This appointment not only celebrates Malek's embodiment of charm and ruggedness, characteristics that define the modern Dior man, but also marks an exciting new chapter in Dior's dedication to the Middle East.