Monday 28 of November, 2022
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New Music: Blufrank - 1185 (Or How I Met Lumia)

The latest EP from the young producer is a 15-minute ode to the past, yet refreshingly future-thinking.

Staff Writer

Young beatmaker and sonic nostalgia aficionado, Blufrank has come out with his debut EP, the curiously named 1185 (Or How I Met Lumia), a 15-minute long concept track which could be separated into five distinct sections emanating from the one sentence accompanying it: "I saw her in the crowd 4 minutes before they bombed our city, the irony I was covering The Bomb!, Lumia, I think that was her name." 

This is apparently part two of a trilogy of EPs. Blufrank's penchant for unconventional ordering is reflected in his track arrangement as well; the EP kicks off as if already in the middle of a live alternative Disco set - or Post-Disco as he puts it - immediately funky, fresh and feel good.

Most of the EP is made up of samples from 90s and 90s Funk and Soul records, chopped up and flowing fantastically together, and all together re-defining the remix. This is massively refreshing release that goes a long way to making dance music light and fun once again without losing any of the cool factor.

Listen to the EP in full below, available for free download.