Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Zeyada Soothes with New Video for ‘Somewave’

With crashing waves and the subdued flow of the sea, Zeyada juxtaposes imagery and sound in ‘Somewave’ video

Scene Noise

Gentle on the track and as easygoing as can be, Egyptian singer and visual artist Zeyada strays away from hectic city life, diving into the flow of the sea and its crashing waves in her new music video ‘Somewave’. With an ever-changing musical style, Zeyada opts for embracing the beauty of darkness, as opposed to rejecting it.

In the spirit of her chameleon nature that absorbs and endeavours in different directions, she allows in new elements to colour her discography. In 'Somewave', her lyrics create a mellow feeling, with reverberations to her vocals that fill the atmosphere with a deeper, more intense air.

Striving for the ideal vision to accompany the song, it was, naturally, a beach location that was the perfect backdrop as a video.Matching Zeyada’s warm essence was a relaxed beat, consisting of acoustic percussions and a delayed guitar over a ukulele riff. Her doubled vocals soften the simple, straight-to-the-point lyrics, a gentle effect of juxtaposition that can resonate with listeners with a range of tastes.

Zeyada is set to release a host of upcoming projects - both individually and within a duet alongside Adam Husa - and if they are centred around the spirit of 'Somewave', then we’ve got a lot to look forward to.