Monday July 15th, 2024
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ZEE3 - July 19 - Aug 18

This edition brings you our favourite post-shaabi releases of July and August including Wezza Montaser, Sadat, and El Kontessa.

Scene Noise

ZEE3 - July 19 - Aug 18

ZEE3 is our monthly playlist covering the vast world of post-shaabi music. Featuring everything from mahraganat to experimental shaabi and shaabi-infused hip-hop, this playlist series will explore the vibrant musical movement inspired by traditional Egyptian sonics.

In this edition, we bring you releases from some of the biggest post-shaabi artists in the industry, including 3enaab, Molotof & DJ Toti, Wezza Montaser, Muhab, Sadat and El Kontessa, who all deliver their unique take on the expansive genre, with each artist folding shaabi sonics into their own distinctive sounds.

Initially conceived as a one-off Eid-themed playlist, ZEE3’s will now be brought to you once a month to keep you up to date with the latest speaker-rattling post-shaabi hits. This playlist series is dedicated to beloved SceneNoise writer Youssef Armanios, who brought the playlist to life, and who taught us that sometimes ZEE3 is all you need to say. Though Youssef left us too soon, his memory will live on in our hearts forever through the impact he has left on the SceneNoise family.


  • 3enba X Ordony - Wesh Tany
  • Molotof X Dj Totti - 3000
  • Slyver - Yaba
  • Wezza Montaser - Mangaha
  • Riff - Aba L 3alameen
  • Muhab - Yazmeely
  • Sadat - Mesh Mo2amra
  • El Kontessa - Dofda3
  • Begad - Elfara7
  • Ziad Zaza - Lw Kol Yoom Hakhsar Alf
  • Houda Bondok Ft. Essam Sasa - Kolo B2alf Wesh
  • Seif - 3id

Listen to the playlist here: