Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Sudanese artist G-SALIH Takes On NYC In New Video 'Found You'

The rapper searches for meaning in Times Square, the subway, and other iconic NYC scenes in his new video, filmed and edited by New York videographer, Steven Muela.

Nadine El Roubi

G-SALIH’s new video ‘Found You’ is as busy and vibrant as the city of New York. As the Sudanese artist walks through NYC’s most iconic spots, he tells the story of trying to find balance in his life between work, family, music – and his relationship. The video comes as a result of collaboration with US videographer Steven Muela, famous for his use of landscapes and quirky edits. The visual artist is familiar with rap music videos, having worked heavily with the likes of US rapper Nate Joël. 

‘Found You’ seems to be the first of a long stream of releases for the Virginia-based rapper – we smell an EP brewing.