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Spec Eleven Drift into Dreams with Debut Single ‘Ultra Violence’

The Kuwait-based duo builds on a simple melodic riff to create a dreamy audiovisual world.

Amidst the uncertainty and disruptions caused by lockdowns and curfew during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kuwait-based duo Spec Eleven, composed of Sid and Silas Costa, formed, and began exploring their sound.

Primarily alternative, the band’s debut track ‘Ultra Violence’ kicks off in a mellow tone  and lyrically addresses the ease with which our minds can spiral in the face of overwhelming issues incorporated in daily life.

A simple melodic riff, resembling something between a Rhodes piano key and a guitar, coupled with an uncomplicated drum pattern and bassline is all it takes to create a coherent and rich full-bodied single.The abstract music video directed by Hani Hamza, meanwhile, spices up the debut package with visual pleasantries, acting as a fitting accompaniment to the spirit of the track, through which the duo ask: "Have you ever wandered in your dreams?" 

“Ultra Violence is a song based on the idea of a free mind engaged in the direction of confinement, until they lose their step into a spiral of sorts,” the duo writes, adding: “when you can't find what you're looking or our mind goes numb and violence carries forward until we find it.”