Friday June 14th, 2024
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Simsara Curates NFT Music Album Ft. Nadah El Shazly, 3Phaz, and ZULI

NFT music platform Catalog is set to expand its influence with its first-ever Curation Cycle.

Zaid Kreshan

Simsara Curates NFT Music Album Ft. Nadah El Shazly, 3Phaz, and ZULI

Catalog is a New York-based NFT marketplace and medium for music that aims to address the issues facing artists in the age of streaming platforms by “reclaiming music ownership for artists.” The company looks to Web3 and NFT technology to redefine how music is valued, bought, and sold by connecting an artist directly to their audience.

With the aim of reinvigorating the music economy, Catalog offers artists 100% of their initial sales through the platform. Adding another layer of innovation, artists can decide their creator fees and buying price, while allowing them to earn a “creator share” every time their records are resold.

So far, the team at Catalog has used their platform to support the artists that inspired their vision of establishing a fair and balanced music economy. But now they are opening up its reach across various markets with Catalog’s first-ever Curation Cycle, a program to distribute artist onboarding with the help of curatorial experts.

In this first iteration of the Curation Cycle, Catalog is collaborating with Sarah El Miniawy, an expert on the regional music scene and founder of Simsara, a PR and management agency handling some of the Arab world’s most groundbreaking talent. In the coming days, Catalog’s Curation Cycle will release records from Nadah El Shazly, 3Phaz, Ratchopper, and ZULI to “collectively illustrate the new sounds of Tunis and Cairo.”

Catalog will also be creating content to support the release, including an accompanying article written by music & culture writer, Peter Holslin, to document the weight and impact that this project will have on the future of NFT and Web3-based music sales in the region.

The Curation Cycle will take place over the next few weeks, with the minting and auction to kick off between Nov 21st & Nov 25th, and the editorial published on Nov 28th, along with a Twitter Space to be held on 30 Nov.

Keep a lookout by heading to Catalog's website